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Blog posts originally featured in Cornwall's what's-on magazine: Blackbird Pie. Click on logo to go to their website.

Wild and Glamorous

Spring has arrived and Mother Nature has begun unfolding her resources for the coming year, shaking off the winter blues and dressing herself with wild, beautiful plants and flowers. So why not spend a little time grooming, preening and spicing yourself up for the spring - who knows, nature might even supply the make up!

All things hairy

Nature’s salon provides everything you ever need to fashion the latest hairstyle; pine cones and prickly vegetation for combing out the tangles, twigs and sticky buds for those important hair accessories. And don’t think the popular daisy chain is limited to one’s neck. In fact, any small flower can look good tucked among those tangled locks. And if you think hair-care is a modern invention... some of our earliest ancestors trimmed their hair regularly to stop bad spirits entering their bodies without a pair of scissors in sight!

Skinny dipping

Throughout history natural oils and milk derived from plants have been used in all sorts of skin care treatments. More recently, mud is the popular mix and you don’t even have to visit a local spa to get down and dirty. A handful of soil, a splash of water and lots of mashing and hey presto, a face pack! Before smothering your face in mud, though, try a little on the back of your hand first; you might be allergic. It is also worth checking where you get your dirt from; pick an area where animals and car fumes haven’t contaminated the ground. And If all looks well, then slap it on. You’ll look younger in minutes, or just plain filthy!

Sweet smelling

I bet at some time in your childhood you've concocted a perfume from crushed rose petals, dandelion heads and puddle water? And while its sweet aroma may not have earned your perfume a pop or film star’s branding, it’s still worth knowing that perfume manufacturers today continue to favour flowers as the base for most perfumes. But there are other natural ingredients worth considering for that all important smell. How about wild strawberries or blackberries, or any of the citrus fruits, or even mint leaves, spring onions, or garlic bulbs? You never know when vampires are about. Of course perfumes don’t have to be about attraction; they can also be a repellent. But do remember one thing when trying out your latest cologne: insects and animals might also be attracted. Ouch!