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At home

In this album you will find an eclectic mix of images from our site at Marke Valley and the surrounding areas of Bodmin moor. 

When we moved into Marke Valley in the spring of 2014, we inherited a place that historically had been used for mining, farming, domestic gardening and horse riding. As a result we are continually finding all sorts of remnants left behind in the landscape. Some of the pictures depict the flora and fauna you'll find in this area - we're lucky to have a micro-climate - some show the developments of projects we're creating on site (for more details see our Facebook page), others show locations nearby which you can walk to directly from our back gate.


Seasons at Marke Valley


Site developments

In this collection you'll see pictures of developments happening on site. We are making safe an area of mine waste in our small copse by building a retaining wall from reclaimed tyres. The wall will eventually double up as an amphitheatre seating area for outdoor activities and events. Keeping with the tyre theme we're also building an accessible deck and ramp for our Mongolian yurt, which primarily consists of bus tyres, pallets, and wood from our land. And as you'll see, there is always a need for another wood store! Oh, and the blue horse-box will eventually be our very own accessible composting toilet called 'bog off!'



We inherited a small veg patch and polytunnel that needed revitalising. Slowly we have cleared out the grass and brambles and started adding plants and trees that serve our own needs. Willow will eventually become a sustainable fuel source and will also be used for craft activities, and as for the mushroom logs, well, that's a new adventure for us, so we'll keep you posted.


Flora and Fauna

Over time we hope to photographically catalogue all the plants, bugs, birds and animals that live with us at Marke Valley. The buzzards, moles, voles, field mice, foxes and owls are a little camera shy, so bare with us, we need to do some night vigils!


Food and Drink

With so much produce, both wild and intentionally cultivated, we are having a go at new culinary adventures. Last year we filled over 40 demijohns with various country wines, as well as experiment with fruit leathers, juicing, nettle ale, foraged crumbles and all sorts of herbal teas. 


Playful features

Playfulness is a theme that runs throughout many of our courses and workshops here at I Love Nature, and where possible, we hope it will become visible in the landscape too. We have nets hanging from trees, a nest swing, an old log for building fairy houses on and even the fencing around the mushroom logs is a bit quirky. Come back soon, because there will be plenty more playful images joining this album in the coming months.


Events at Marke Valley

Some events we plan for, others just happen. So far we have watched the sheep having a hair cut - Jas even got to have a cuddle. Then there was that solar eclipse thing, and the rather embarrassing time we thought a water pipe had burst, dug up the ground, only to find it was just surface water!


Mining heritage

Prior to moving in, Marke Valley had to undergo some very serious digging and drilling because of mining remnants that could prove dangerous. Sadly, parts of the landscape took a bit of a beating, but it was fascinating to find where the old smithy chucked his waste! It was less favourable finding the remains of old metal chicken houses. However, it all adds to the story of the location and its history. A brave man even threw himself down our mine shaft!


Cats v Dogs

Some like canines, some like felines, we like both. Lily, Darwin, Holly Bubble and Ivy Squeak are a part of our story here at Marke Valley. Lily and Darwin provide good security, mostly because they're gobby! While Holly and Ivy, or Bubble and Squeak - we couldn't decide so went with both sets of names - provide vermin services. Trouble is, they often get the wrong sort of vermin, so we're trying noisy cat collars to prevent this. Nevertheless, as family members they'll no doubt greet you should you visit us here at I Love Nature.