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Play in Schools

Research indicates that children are spending less time in self-directed play, with much of their free time taken up by structured activities. While structured activities are valuable for children’s development and learning, so is autonomous, free play. It provides the ‘glue’ for healthy childhoods.

Moreover, when a playwork approach is adopted by schools, not only do teachers see a marked difference in the way children play during break times, but the impact on their learning and behaviour also significantly improves.

Play enriches the lives of children by helping them to let off steam, negotiate boundaries, learn new skills, develop relationships, be physically active, engage with the natural world, navigate built environments, relate to their peers and regulate emotions. 

I Love Nature provides intensive training for school practitioners in playwork praxis with a particular focus on adventurous, nature‐based outdoor play. Aimed primarily at lunch time support staff (although all staff could benefit), the ‘Play in Schools’ programme is practical, thought‐provoking and highly interactive. For further details see our 'Training, Research and Consultancy' section, or download the 'Play in Schools' brochure below.