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Activity-based training

Here you will find a selection of activity-based events that are suitable for both practitioners and parents. If you would like to book a workshop for a group or an organisation, then please go to our contact page. We also recommend you visit our calendar page regularly for upcoming course dates, or register for our monthly email newsletter.


6. Off-the-Ground Adventures (2 days)

This highly practical two day workshop helps participants create temporary off-the-ground ‘playgrounds’ in woodland environments. Participants will construct an adventurous low-level course within a woodland area using ropes, nets, straps, swings and just about anything that can be hung from a tree!

£150 per person (ncludes lunch and refreshments)


7. In Search of the Giant’s Underpants! 

Stories and play in natural environments (1 day)

An introductory session on the use of story and narrative in playful contexts for engaging children’s interest in the natural world. Participants will be sent on a small ‘quest’, from which their experiences will be used to consider the purpose of stories and narrative in shaping children’s nature experiences.

£75 per person (Includes lunch and refreshments)


8. Stories in Action (1 day)

A complimentary session to the ‘In search of the Giant’s underpants!’ workshop, Stories in Action focuses on how stories and narrative can be used as a means of supporting children and adults connect with nature with a focus on health and well-being outcomes.

£75 per person (Includes lunch and refreshments) Please see link below for SSE fellows day - 12th July 2017


9. Narrative Journey (3 days)

Developed over seven years of practice at the Eden project and supported by PhD research, Narrative Journey is a pedagogic method that uses ‘narrative cues’ and ‘story framing’ as a means for supporting children's engagement with the natural world through a journeying playful process.

£225 per person (Includes lunch and refreshments)


10. Play in Schools (various)

From one-day inset, to a ten-day programme, the ‘Play in Schools’ training programme is aimed at lunchtime supervisors and support staff, and takes a playwork approach to working in primary school playgrounds.


11. Children's Participation (2 days)

This two-day workshop looks at the theory and practice of working with children in a participatory way. Aimed at a range of practitioners working with children in various contexts, the workshop demonstrates a range of creative methods and participatory activities. Participants attending this workshop will be given a complimentary copy of the Buskers Guide to Participation, 2nd Edition, written by Philip Waters, published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

£160 per person (Includes lunch and refreshments)


12. Journey Sticks (1 day)

Based on Aboriginal and Native American tribal customs, the Journey Stick has been adopted by early years practitioners as a creative process for collecting and attaching memories to a stick as a record of a journey through a place. This workshop takes the same ideas but applies them using a mixture of chip carving and whittling to help participants create a highly personalised Journey Stick.

£75 per person (Includes lunch and refreshments)


13. Den-building as community catalyst (1 day)

Den-building (or Fort-building) is a pastime that many adults remember with fondness. This workshop takes the core elements of den-building and delivers it within a community engagement framework. Participants will learn to use den-building as an approach to engaging people in a variety of participatory and/or consultation activities, with a particular emphasis on place-based experiences.

£75 per person (Includes lunch and refreshments)