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Research-based training

Here you will find a selection of training events that will be useful to both researchers and practitioners. If you would like to book a workshop for a group or an organisation, then please go to our contact page. We also recommend you visit our calendar page regularly for upcoming course dates, or register for our monthly email newsletter.


1. An introduction to Participatory Video (1 day)

Drawing on a people-centred community development approach, this practical introductory workshop explores the planning, preparation and delivery of projects that aim to engage the views, opinions and actions of communities in a participatory way using film. The workshop will be both inside and outside.

£75 per person (Includes lunch and refreshments)


2. An introduction to using film in research with children in outdoor contexts (1 Day)

This workshop compliments and extends the participatory video workshop above by focusing on the practical issues of using film in research with children. Drawing on research of children playing in natural environments, participants explore film from different points of view, including the position of cameras in the environment, as well as those worn by children and the researcher. The workshop will be both inside and outside.

£75 per person (Includes lunch and refreshments)


3. An introduction to Behaviour Mapping and Coding (1 Day)

Drawing on the work of Dr Nilda Cosco and Prof. Robin Moore of the Natural Learning Initiative, North Carolina, USA (see link below), this introductory workshop offers an overview and insight into Behaviour Mapping; an objective method of observing children's play behaviours as they relate to landscape features and attributes in the natural environment. The workshop will be delivered both inside and outside, with a mixture of theoretical and practical activities.

£75 per person (Includes lunch and refreshments)


4. An introduction to stories in environmental education research with children (1 Day)

This workshop explores the place of stories in research with children and adults, and focuses on narrative inquiry methods (Life stories, Storying and Restorying), that help us make meaning of the natural world. This will be a practical and interactive workshop situated outside and asks of participants to be prepared to share memories and experiences of their own nature-relationship.

£75 per person (Includes lunch and refreshments)


5. Playfulness as research method (1 day)

Starting with Bruner’s thesis that: ‘play is an approach to action, and not a form of activity’, this highly interactive outdoor workshop considers if play can be a potential resource, or method, in research activities with children. Moreover, it explores the idea of playfulness being a legitimate form of practice in any research activity. This workshop will be fun, interactive, thought provoking and outside.

£75 per person (Includes lunch and refreshments)