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Here you will find half-day workshops with a focus on adventurous activities


Searching for the Beastie of Bodmin!

Somewhere, out there, is the Bodmin Beastie!

No one knows exactly what it is. But when you find it, you’ll know.

Join our resident expert Beastie tracker, Professor Fungus Hedge, on a quest looking for this elusive creature. Build a tin‐can lantern to find your way through the dark vegetation of Bodmin moor ‐ you can even cook with it! Try your hand at calling the Beastie with a home made ‘bullroarer’. Venture into parts of Bodmin moor rarely trodden by human feet… But be warned,whatever you do, don’t get bitten ‐ it might release the Beastie in you!

A quest of the peculiar kind for families of all ages, you'll start on site, where you’ll make lanterns and bullroarers, before then venturing onto the moors, ending in the dark.


A search for IT!

Somewhere, out there, across Bodmin moor, is an IT.

Join our resident expert IT tracker, Professor Fungus Hedge, on a quest looking for this elusive creature. Rummage in the undergrowth for foods that only an IT would eat. Build a den to camouflage yourself should an IT come stumbling your way and enjoy parts of Bodmin moor others have rarely seen. A quest of the peculiar kind, this story walk is for families of all ages.


Homeless Piskies need YOU!

Due to a raging storm, a whole clan of Cornish piskies have been made homeless at Marke Valley. We need your help to build them houses in our small woodland. Suitable for all ages, this workshop has you foraging for natural materials to build fairy houses and pixie shacks.


Zombie Apocalypse Training

We’ve been informed that the zombie apocalypse is coming. We don’t know where, or even when it will begin, but soon the dead will rise and they’ll be shuffling through our towns, slumbering across our moors and bumping their way aimlessly through our front doors. Be prepared by attending the world’s only ‘green zombie’ training camp. Learn to track zombies over moorland. Practice your zombie catapult skills. Make zombie traps and zombie bombs out of natural materials. No zombies will be harmed in this workshop. Only the living need apply.


String theory!

In this workshop you'll learn how to create an adventure game using only string and rope, where you'll send children (and adults) - enlisted as special agents - on a mission through various natural spaces. This workshop is highly interactive and practical, and is relevant to parents and professionals working with children.