Community Interest Company (CIC) No: 10598376

Nature crafts

Here you will find half-day workshops with a focus on crafts with natural materials. Please enquire if you would like to book a group or party. Please note, we require a minimum of five people per workshop.


Willow Nests

Whether you're making a nest for the garden or to put your chocolate eggs into, this workshop will have you foraging for natural materials that you'll weave into a nest before then adorning with beautiful decorative items. For all ages any time of year.


Magic Wands

Inside all of us, young or old, male or female, there's a secret desire to have your very own magic wand from which to cast spells that charm or chastise. While we cannot guarantee the magic, we can at least help you make your very own wand.


My pet log

Suitable for families with young children, this workshop uses a story-based approach to making your very own Pet Log, which, after you have made it a nest, taught it to climb, swim and play Hide 'n' Seek, you'll take home and formally adopt into your family.



In this workshop you'll make a Fustibola, or staff sling, which is an ancient weapon that pretty much consists of a sling, mounted atop a lengthy pole, and then test it out in a large open field tossing projectiles at targets. This workshop involves tools (including wood carving knives) and is suitable for mature children and adults. 



The slingshot used to be part and parcel of normal childhood, but now the making and playing with them is an almost extinct experience. In this workshop we rekindle that interest as you learn to make a slingshot from natural and recycled materials, including wood carving and whittling, before then practicing your shooting skills with a little target practice. This workshop is suitable for mature children and adults.